A select discography for Léopold Simoneau and Pierrette Alarie

Miscellaneous LPs

London                                          OS 26270
also signed by: Richard Bonynge verso

Deutsche Grammophon                2538 244


Electrola-Hör Zu                           SHZE 121


Columbia (USA)                              MS 6461


Initiation a la Musique 10"                     E 55


Philips (England)  10"                  SBR 6236


Decca (England) 10"                     LW 5343
signed by Léopold on the flute

Philips (France)                            6529 003


Philips (Canada)                                   3246

Fontana (Germany)                       6530 045

 Decca (Germany) 10"                   LW 50 522

 High Fidelity Magazine                HB 2487/88

Deutscher Schallplattenclub (Germany)
J 087                                        12" LP

Guilde Internationale du Disque (France)
SMS 2409                                 12" LP

The Paper Trail
Printed matter about Léopold and Pierrette

Renée Maheu

Pierrette ALARIE
deux voix, un art

Louiseville, Canada:

Libre Expression

377 pages, softcover

© 1988

autographed  and
inscribed by
Renée Maheu,

Pierrette Alarie and
Léopold Simoneau

Léopold Simoneau

L'Art du Bel Canto



135 pages, softcover

© 1995
autographed and 
inscribed by 
Léopold Simoneau

Reynaldo  Hahn;
translated into English by Léopold Simoneau

On Singers and Singing


Amadeus Press

244 pages, HB, DJ

 © 1990
autographed and
inscribed  by 
Léopold Simoneau


The first time I ever heard Léopold and Pierrette; Boston, 9 November 1960

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Les Variétés Lyriques, Montréal Season, 1945-1946



Musical Courier, 15 January 1957

Musical America Magazine, 15 February 1956

A small, 20 page brochure entitled, "Supplément musical, Le Barbier de Séville."  Brief   biographies and career descriptions on front and back endpapers. Publisher, publication date
and purpose of publication not listed.

Léopold and Pierrette, 

We appreciate you!  We appreciate your individual and collective art; deux artistes, un art. We appreciate this legacy of recordings you prepared for our eternal enjoyment and the edification of future generations.  Through your sung musical passages of Mozart, et al, you have expressed the clarity of your vision and your humanity of "the humanities." From you, all of us have much to learn.  Each song and aria you sing is a pedagogical expression from the soul of a true artist, whose understanding of the music you sing puts you right up there with the order of the Seraphim.  God Bless you both.  We have all been blessed by your shared art.        

          Klara and Edward F. Durbeck III, The Durbeck Archive (inspired hagiographers)


You sing!

We're happy!

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