Understanding influences of one art form on another is not possible unless there are many examples of the influential as well as the influenced.   From an academic perspective, it is important to know that opera music has influenced other musical forms and exactly how that has been done on recordings.  The Durbeck Archive teems with examples of these recordings when it comes to the "opera-into-pop" culture.  The bounty of the Archive has oft been stated on these pages, now shown below are some examples of opera in a "popular music" style of expression - there are hundreds more in the Archive! Opera melodies performed as "popular music" is but yet another of the specialty provinces which adds such dimension and scope to The Durbeck Archive.  For example, if you have a fancy for the aria, Mon coeur s'ouvre à ta voix, the Archive has it by Blanche Thebom (and many others) as well as by the Mariachi Nuevo Tecalitlan (they really play their hearts out!) ........... and even have it sung by Mae West!

'If you dig me' or 'Flowersville' Cool Man!

...played to the manner born (in New Orleans)

operetta made danceable with that Billy May "braggadocio beat"

  Sing-A-Long with Gene Lowell and
the San Remo Singers

try the "Nabucco-Bounce" on the "Hammond"

love is eternal with romantic music from opera

listen and dance from Aïda to Tannhäuser

celebrating the 100th anniversary of  his birth

Puccini never heard his music like this!

Wanna get married to Ros's "Bridal March?"

a form of "Brindisi" Verdi never considered

  ... he wrote an aria to champagne didn't he?

"Rigoletto Rock?" "12th Street Toreador?"

a Carmen Cha Cha? after all, she is Spanish

now here's that Sansón y Dalila mariachi aria

popular piano stylings of popular operas

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